About the Institute

Based in Calgary, Canada, the ARC Energy Research Institute conducts economic and investment analysis for ARC Financial Corp. and its stakeholders. ARC Financial is an employee-owned, private equity investment management firm specializing in the Canadian energy industry.

We are dedicated to researching complex, interrelated trends that influence the energy business, including financial, political, environmental, technological, social and economic forces. All these elements of change will shape the future of the world’s energy supply and its consumption.

Our unique approach to researching, collaborating and communicating allows us to continue our long legacy of helping decision-makers demystify the complexities of energy systems. Our specialty is assessing risk and return during times of change and transition. Our ultimate pursuit is aggregating knowledge for the purpose of objective judgment.

The work of the ARC Energy Research Institute is largely for private use within ARC Financial’s sphere of activity, however we routinely participate in public forums and engage with third-parties – for example, academic institutions, think tanks, government agencies and investors – for mutual and beneficial sharing of knowledge.

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The ARC Energy Research Institute is hiring for a Contract Position – Junior Energy Research Analyst. Please follow the link to apply.