Peter Tertzakian

The Founder of ARC Energy Research Institute, Managing Director of ARC Financial Corp. 

A respected public speaker, podcaster, blogger and author, Peter has devoted his career to energy, first as a geophysicist, then as an economist and investment strategist. Peter has written two bestsellers — A Thousand Barrels a Second  and The End of Energy Obesity — and in 2020 launched his new project,, and book, The Investor Visit and Other Stories: Disruption, Denial and Transition in the Energy Business. Passionate about studying how society evolves […]

Jackie Forrest

Executive Director of ARC Energy Research Institute, Managing Director of ARC Financial Corp. 

Jackie actively monitors emerging strategic trends related to energy. She is an author and sought after public speaker with over 25 years of experience in the energy industry. She is the co-host of the ARC Energy Ideas podcast, a weekly show that explains the latest trends and news in Canadian energy and beyond. Jackie is […]

Kara Jakeman

Manager, Financial and Economic Modeling

With over 20 years experience, Kara is responsible for leading the Institute’s economic and financial modeling. She has developed tools for analyzing all facets of the energy industry, including ARC’s Canadian Oil and Gas Fiscal Pulse model. Kara contributes to ARC’s energy systems analysis, including tracking key financial and ESG metrics and trends across a […]

Marcus Rocque

Vice President

Marcus is focused on analyzing trends and market fundamentals for the energy industry, providing data management and analysis, evaluation of current and future policies, as well as contributing to the weekly ARC publications. Marcus’s research covers a wide range of energy systems, from oil and gas to transitional energy; including biofuels, carbon capture, renewable power, […]

Logan Fisher

Senior Research Analyst

Logan is tasked with researching and analyzing trends and market fundamentals in the energy industry, primarily related to oil and gas. He provides insights on pricing, supply, demand, and the impacts of regulations and policies. Additionally, he contributes to the weekly ARC publications. Logan joined ARC in 2023 with prior experience in equity research at […]

Jennifer Melrose

Executive Assistant

Jennifer joined ARC Energy Research Institute as Executive Assistant to Peter Tertzakian. She has over 15 years of experience with Administration and Office Management. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary.