ARC Energy Investment Forum 2017 “Hearts and Wheels of the Market”

At this unique, one-day forum Peter Tertzakian and Jackie Forrest of the ARC Energy Research Institute, brought together global experts to provoke thought among participants about the battle for the wheels, looking into the future on how new technology will evolve, and how the incumbent petroleum-based technologies will battle back to protect their market share.

The forum included top-tier dialogue and new perspectives on an increasingly contentious subject for energy investors, corporate leaders and policy makers. Topics covered included:

  • Auto sale and mobility trends
  • Electric wheels, benefits and barriers for adoption
  • Electric batteries today, future potential, and factors that shape growth
  • Future innovations for the combustion engine and greener fuels
  • Increasing the barriers to entry: the rapid pace of oil and gas upstream innovation

In the following video, Peter Tertzakian and Jackie Forrest highlight some key insights from the conference.