ARC Energy Investment Forum 2018 “Playing to Win”

They’re back! Peter Tertzakian and Jackie Forrest are excited to host another one-day ARC Forum, on May 9th, 2018. Like the 2017 Forum, they’ll use their thought-provoking interview skills to engage world-class gurus in discussion. Their goal is always the same: Making the audience think about how to create value for corporate leaders and investors in the ever-changing energy business.

Video About Upcoming Event

A Big League Challenge

“Playing to Win” is the theme for the 2018 ARC Forum.

Disruption is everywhere, we know. Substitute products can suddenly body check any player out of the business. But how do corporate leaders, investors and other stakeholders take advantage of the melee and win amidst the inevitable surprises to come?

Competition is intense. Price pressure continues on all forms of primary energy supply, whether it’s sourced from oil, gas, coal, wind or solar. Process innovations using new-age technology are improving producers’ ability to bring more and more joules of energy to market. The result: One big competition for market share. It’s a hard-hitting scrum between companies and even between entire industries.

The opportunities and threats for corporate leaders will be discussed. Peter, Jackie and their esteemed guests will provide all the colour commentary that tackles the issues.

Attendees will leave with insights on how to win amidst the forces of disruption!

Who Will Be There

Stakeholders in the energy business, from oil and gas to renewables, to downstream interests will be passing through the gates. Energy executives, investors, and policy makers will be among the keen audience.

Did You Miss Last Year?

In April 2017, we held a one day forum The Battle for the Hearts and Wheels of the Market. It was a resounding success, attracting a sell-out crowd of 250 influential stakeholders.

Here is what people said about the 2017 ARC Forum:

“Best forum I have ever attended. Very useful general commentary at beginning, end and throughout to tie the speaker content together.”

“I have not been to an event in recent memory that got my mind thinking about the future and the changes it may contain to the degree this one did.”

“The keynote speakers were outstanding. The panelists reflected the breadth of existing points of views. All shared their passion.”

“Being around so many really bright people was very energizing.”

“The most thought provoking and interesting event that I have attended.”