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EV Adoption: The North American Plug-in Problem

In this week’s podcast, Peter and Jackie talk about why the lack of charging infrastructure in North America is holding back the adoption of electric vehicles (EV). The charging problem is amplified because Canada and the United States do not mandate a standard electrical plug-in. Read Jackie’s commentary “Canada EV Mass Adoption: Are We There […]

Lessons from the European Energy Crisis

Europe is heading into winter with historically low inventories of natural gas.  The scarcity has driven up the global prices of every type of energy, including natural gas, coal and oil. Despite the rising commodity prices, energy supply has not been growing. On this week’s podcast, Jackie and Peter discuss the European energy crisis and […]

Inflation: The Next Episode?

On this week’s Podcast, Jackie and Peter discuss how inflation and affordability have come into the spotlight. How is inflation measured and how much has it increased? What is the connection between oil price and inflation? And, if a more sustained period of inflation were to occur, what are the implications? See Peter’s recent commentary […]

Transforming Power Systems: An Interview with Scott Thon from AltaLink and Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada

As you got out of bed this morning and flicked on the lights and coffee maker, how many of you thought about where the electricity came from? Scott Thon, the CEO of AltaLink and President and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada is our guest this week. Scott helps explain what is going on with […]