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Canadian Biofuels: Clean Fuel Regulation, Competitiveness and Budget 2024

Subscribe: Spotify | iTunes This week our guest is Doug Hooper, Director of Policy and Regulations at Advanced Biofuels Canada. Advanced Biofuels Canada is an industry association that promotes the production and use of biofuels and renewable synthetic fuels.  One of the topics covered in the podcast is Canada’s Clean Fuels Regulation (CFR). The policy is nearing […]

ESG: Trends, Shifts, and Changes

Subscribe: Spotify | iTunes Jackie and Peter provide an update on ESG this week on the podcast.  Has the anti-ESG movement started to change companies’ reporting and actions?  To answer this question, they reviewed some articles and research that point to the recent loss of momentum and profile for the ESG movement.  There have also been […]

Unpacking Canada’s Budget 2024

Subscribe: Spotify | iTunes The 2024 Canadian Federal Budget was released on April 16th. This year’s budget is focused on affordability, housing, and spending on social programs such as pharmaceutical care, daycare, and dentist care. Peter and Jackie discuss the budget, including the size of the deficit and the planned increase in capital gains taxes. They […]

Oil and More Turmoil: An Interview with Raoul LeBlanc, S&P Global Commodity Insights

Subscribe: Spotify | iTunes The threat of a wider Middle East war is increasing. Over the past weekend, Iran attacked Israel with missiles and drones in retaliation for Israel’s suspected strike on Iran’s embassy in Syria. This week, our guest, Raoul LeBlanc, Vice President, Energy, S&P Global Commodity Insights, explains why oil prices have increased […]