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LNG: Then, Now and Future

On this weeks episode we go back in time to 1959, when the Methane Pioneer carried the first cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) between the United States and the United Kingdom. Now, LNG has become the fastest growing energy system in the world. Natural gas is expected to grow 40% or more over the […]

Canadian Rail Grinds to a Halt: Implications for Oil Markets, Plus Other Topics

Blockades have stopped big parts of Canada’s rail network. Around the same time that the protests started, Ottawa ordered trains carrying dangerous goods to cut their speed in half.  This week, we talk about the situation and implications for crude by rail from Western Canada. We also talk about the latest on the Coronavirus and […]

Energyphile: A New Way to Engage on Energy Issues

What can we learn from a 100-year-old utility bill? Can it help us think more clearly about today’s energy issues, like polarized pipeline issues? Find out as we talk about Peter Tertzakian’s Energyphile project, a website that connects our energy past with a greater understanding of the present and future. In this week’s episode Peter […]

Drilling for Clean Energy: Geothermal Innovation in Alberta

This week we interview John Redfern, the President and CEO of Eavor. His company has invented a novel way for harvesting the earth’s geothermal energy based, in part, on their knowledge from drilling oil and gas wells. The solution is called the Eavor-Loop. The technology overcomes many of the issues that have hampered traditional applications.  […]