“Planet of the Humans” Exposes Inconvenient Truths on Green Energy

First, we review Michael Moore’s new movie “Planet of the Humans.”  The film casts doubt on the green credentials of renewable energy by exposing upstream environmental impacts.  What did the documentary get right?  What parts of the narrative were incomplete?  The movie highlights unsustainable trends including population growth and humankind’s thirst for energy, but are there solutions?

We also review recent events, including; the historic minus $38/B oil price ; the reaction to the Canadian government’s fiscal support for the oil and gas industry; and finally, why producers are asking the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) to pause the Enbridge Mainline Contracting Hearing for at least six months.

See ARC SnapChart “Paris Target is Still out of Reach.”

View movie “Planet of the Humans.”

Project Drawdown’s table of solutions for impacting climate change.

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