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Transforming Power Systems: An Interview with Scott Thon from AltaLink and Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada

As you got out of bed this morning and flicked on the lights and coffee maker, how many of you thought about where the electricity came from? Scott Thon, the CEO of AltaLink and President and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada is our guest this week. Scott helps explain what is going on with […]


The Hydrogen Revolution: An Interview with Ballard Power President & CEO

Few in Canada know the pioneering work of Geoffrey Ballard and his Vancouver based fuel cell company called Ballard Power. Founded in 1979, it’s now recognized as one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of fuel cells in the world today. This week, the President & CEO of Ballard Power, Randy MacEwen joins our podcast. Here are […]


Back from Summer: Election, Weather, and IPCC Climate Report

The ARC podcast is back! This week we cover some of the big news over the summer break, including Canada’s upcoming federal election, the extreme weather experienced this past summer and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) sixth climate report. Canadians head to the polls on September 20th in the federal election.  What are […]


New Energyphile Story: Reinventing the Wheel

In this episode we showcase Peter’s new Energyphile story “Reinventing the Wheel”.  What can companies facing radical disruption today learn from history? The McLaughlin Carriage Company was a leader in high-end carriages. Yet at the peak of its game, it started manufacturing automobiles. It’s a rare company that would, or could, make such a pivot — […]