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Western Canada Oil Glut: To Cut or Not?

This week we tackle the most hotly debated question in Western Canada today, should the Alberta government mandate oil production cuts to help clear the local oversupply?  Inaction has serious consequences, including the loss of the winter drilling season, job cuts and lost royalty revenue for the resource owner, the citizens of Alberta. This podcast […]

The Alberta Economy: What Next?

This week, we interview Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist at ATB Financial. Tune in to hear about the current state of the Alberta economy and the outlook in the near term considering weak oil prices.  Winding up on a positive note with a discussion on Alberta’s strengths,  that could spur new types of investments . This […]

OPEC Plus and the Future of Oil Supply

Too much oil supply is back, causing global oil price to slide from $US 85/B in October to under $US 70/B now.  This week’s podcast reviews the outlook for global oil supply and the strategy of OPEC plus in the face of low price. This podcast references a figure on the future of global oil […]

Keystone XL Setback, Again

A Montana court has overturned President Trump’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.  This week’s podcast reviews the decision and the implications for Canadian oil markets that are facing extreme price discounts due to a lack of pipe capacity. Next we talk about Imperial Oil’s contrarian decision to give a green light to a major […]