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SNAPCHART – The Fiscal Pulse of Canada’s Upstream Oil & Gas Industry in 2020

ARC’s “Fiscal Pulse” model tracks trends in product volumes, prices, costs, money flows, profitability and capital efficiencies for the Canadian upstream oil and gas industry.  This week’s SnapChart shows our estimates of the fiscal cycle for 2020.  No surprise, the fiscal pulse has slowed because of low oil prices.  The Fiscal Pulse starts when oil and gas is produced and sold for […]

SnapChart – US Gasoline Demand is On the Road to Recovery

This week’s SnapChart shows the precipitous fall of US gasoline demand as a result of the Coronavirus lockdowns. In just a few weeks gasoline consumption was cut in half, from 9.5 to 5 MMB/d.  But starting in May, the unprecedented situation has started to turn around. Traffic is returning to American freeways and gasoline consumption has already rebounded 30 percent off the bottom.  With more States relaxing their stay-at-home orders this month, American’s should be itching to hit the road.  Commuting traffic is starting to inch back. The Memorial long […]

If the US Slapped Tariffs on Oil Imports, Consumers and Refiners Would Feel the Sting

Around the world, people are staying home to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. The unprecedented human lockdown has collapsed oil demand and is causing financial distress for oil producers.  The situation is particularly severe in North America, where jobs are being lost and companies are going bust. It may still get worse. As a solution, […]