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Cold War, Inflation and Spiking Oil Prices: Q&A Through Déjà Vu

Why am I waking up feeling like it’s the 1970s? Russian aggression, superpower confrontations, inflation, spiking energy prices and fears of disruption—it’s all déjà vu for Cold War veterans (like me). Environmental degradation was top-of-mind in the ‘70s too. Acid rain, Three Mile Island, smog and leaded gasoline were among many earthly problems furrowing our […]

Meet the New Boom, Different from the Last Boom

The price of oil ‘has legs’, as they say.   Running bulls are calling for another era of $100-plus. The last time we saw that number flicker on a quote screen was July 2014.  Today’s market feels more like circa 2007. Robust oil and gas consumption tugs against reluctant production; geopolitical tensions—think Russia, Ukraine, Middle East—act […]