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A New Episode of The Oil Cycle: Inflation

Inflation is the talk of the town.  Price indices around the world are showing sharp year-over-year increases. The benchmark US Consumer Price Index is tracking over 5% per year. That’s high: for over a dozen years we’ve been acclimatized to half that rate. The pull for resource commodities is a big part of what’s driving broad-based inflation.  Consider oil. A barrel of Texas light is selling for over $US 70, again. Only a year ago, under debilitating lockdowns, forty bucks […]

How to Seed an Energy Transition

In the world of energy, government money is seed capital. Billions of stimulus dollars merely tickle a transition. Wholesale transformation at a national level — decarbonizing factories, changing out vehicle fleets, making buildings efficient — requires trillions. So, private investment must be enticed to follow.   Pension and sovereign wealth funds, endowments, family fortunes and corporate spending — these are among the large pools of capital that must be shaken loose to rewire, re-pipe and renovate our energy economy.  There are caveats to attracting big money. Investors need an expectation that money will be […]